Inspire Education Community Trust

Board of Trustees


Name of Trustee Background Connections to Staff

Yes or No

If Yes, who and how.

Term of Office Other School Governor Posts held

Name of school and governor type

Business Interests declared

Yes or No

If any please state or indicate none

Edaris Gaibee


Education No 15/12/2024 Headteacher at Featherstone Primary School Yes


Rosamunde Lee


Education No 01/06/2024 None Yes


Alison King-Harmes School Business Management No 15/12/2024 None Yes

School Business Manager at Canterbury Cross Community Trust

Christine Lane Education No 15/12/2024 None Yes


Shamsul Arifeen Finance Yes

See business interests

15/12/2024 Governor at Ladypool Primary School/Chair of school's finance committee Yes

Tax advice to S. Islam

Tanwir Hussain Administration No 15/12/2024 No  Yes


Sabreen Marashli

Community Member

Governance No 31/08/2026 No Yes


Shaukat Islam

CEO/Executive Headteacher

Education No 15/12/2024 No Receive Tax advice from S. Arifeen (Trustee)


B. Hassam (brother-in-law) is a local parent governor at Yew Tree Community School from 4/10/2021

Resignations within the last 12 months