City Road Primary School

Local Governing Body (LGB) Information


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Key Roles and responsibilities

Type of Governor


Skill set

Connections to Staff

Yes or No

If Yes, who and how.

Term of Office

End Date

Other School

Governor Posts


Business Interests declared

Yes or No

If any please state or indicate none

Asif Mahmood


Community Member

Industry No 12/7/2023 None Yes


Elaine Ashraf


Safeguarding governor

Community Member

Education No 13/09/2024 Chair of Governors at Ladypool Primary School Yes


Elliot Downing

Staff Member

Education No 01/10/2024 None Yes


Janice Dale-Wallace
Staff Member
Education No 01/10/2024 None Yes


Mohammed Ayaz
Parent Member
Education No 25/10/2024 None Yes


Mohammed Fareed

Parent Member

Education No 10/5/2023 None Yes


Rashida Begum

Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher/principal


Education No N/A None Yes


Yusuf Huraira

Community Member


HR No 25/03/2023 None Yes


Julie Adams

Community Member

Education No 31/08/2023 On the local governing body as acting head of school (Yew Tree Community School) Yes


Marion Carroll

Community Member

Education Yes 26/09/2024 None Yes

Executive Teaching & Learning Leader is sister


Former LGB Members (in the previous 12 months)

Nazia Akhtar 21/12/2022
Jaspreet Buchray

Community Member

Joseph Loudon

Community Member


Resigned 26/5/2022

Fazila Randera

Community Member




Attendance 2021-2022

Local Governing Body Local Governing Body Local Governing Body
Governor Governor Type 27 Sep 2021 27 Jan 2022 26 May 2022
Julie Adams Community governor Y Y Y
Mrs Elaine Ashraf Community governor Y Y Y
Mohammed Ayaz Parent governor N Y N
Mrs Rashida Begum Head of School Y Y Y
Miss Jaspreet Buchray Community governor N Y N
Janice Dale-Wallace Staff governor Y Y Y
Elliot Downing Staff governor Y Y Y
Mohammed Fareed Parent governor Y Y N
Mr Yusuf Huraira Community governor Y N N
Mr Joe Loudon Community governor N N
Asif Mahmood Community governor Y Y Y
Mrs Fazila Randera Community governor Y Y